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Knowing You Love What You Do


Serenity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How do you know that you love what you are doing? I read this article this morning and found it appealing to my geek-side, but then it struck me that this is a great opportunity to point out something that might be profound to some of my readers. One sign that you are doing something that you love is you begin noticing things that relate to what you do in the environment around you.

For those who didn’t take the time to read the article on The Legal Geeks, it details some observations by a few people who work in the legal field on a science fiction show called Firefly. While their viewpoints may or may not be accurate about the subject, the fact is that they realized at some point that they saw elements of one of their passions in the shows. This is fairly common when people start getting experience in a field they enjoy and is often an indicator that the person is finding their niche in life.

A practical example for me, since I began working on things related to The HR Godfather, I see things constantly that relate to my topics. I’m focused on these things, sure, but connecting the dots beyond the initial thought is where the true sign comes. Of course, the other issue is whether this “love” is like that girl from band camp in the 9th grade or like meeting my wife, but I’m not even going to attempt that one at this point.

-The HR Godfather

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